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I have a sub-folder 'BLogic' in my MSN email box. But Thunderbird, never downloads any messages from 'BLogic' on MSN. It only downloads all messages under 'Inbox' on MSN. Why is this happening? I have POP3 set up in Thunderbird for my MSN account. Thanks Sunil. I have an online email account which has a few folders to organise my email. I have set up rules to automatically move emails from the inbox to the appropriate folders as they come in. Recently I have purchased Office and set up Outlook to retrieve email from my online email service (Pop3). However. A POP3 account only is capable of downloading from the Inbox folder. If you want all your emails and folder structure to sync with the mail server, then you'll need to configure it as an IMAP account. See: Convert from a POP3 account to IMAP. Robert Sparnaaij [MVP-Outlook]

I have my email on a web based and pop server, I have 5 or so folders: Inbox, sent, Apple, School, work, etc. I have my email on each folder depending on what it is. I have like emails total, I setup my email on Apple mail to save the email and cancel the web based mail. It only downloads my Inbox mail.

Hi. Thanks for your help! I have a laptop using Windows 8, and Outlook I have set up a pop3 account in Outlook , and have pop3 settings on in gmail (see bellow). Outlook has downloaded emails, however there are some folders that have not been downloaded into Outlook. How do I.

No. A short look at the specifications would have shown you. SMTP does not deal with folders, and POP3 is just a protocol to get an SMTP buffer from a server. Folder management came way later and uses other protocols.

In Thunderbird, i can not download all of my emails and folders. It will only download the "Inbox". The email account is Hotmail. Some might say its because it's a POP3 account but in "Windows Live Mail", i'm able to download all emails and folders which makes me believe that this can be done.

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Dec 13, You can download your emails in Yahoo! Mail to your computer, storing them locally, by using an email client and the Post Office Protocols (POP) settings for Yahoo! Mail. You will need an email client that supports POP mail delivery, such as Mozilla's Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook. Some popular email.

Jan 26, Avoid Downloading the Yahoo Mail Bulk Mail Folder. To make sure Yahoo Mail does not send you mail recognized as spam when you download using POP: Hover the mouse cursor over the gear icon near your Yahoo Mail's top right corner. Select Settings from the menu that has shown. Go to the Accounts.

One way to move your email is to active every folder in Legacy and secure them all to Make; however, this is this written, and you will have to create and install the folders pop download folders. A scaling Type "" as the system mail server, and type "" for the new server. POP planet best if you use only a dedicated desktop computer. IMAP is designed work with traditional computers, crossroads, and informed dies. IMAP vs POP3 is a no brainer.

Since you're downloading your emails to your computer, you can keep as many emails as your computer can store. + You will need an Internet connection to download email, but you can manage (ie: search your inbox, and folders) your downloaded email offline (i.e., without an Internet connection). Disadvantages.

Mar 1, In some cases, when downloading a file you may be presented with a pop-up dialog box asking if you want to Save the file or Run the file. If you select the Save option and can specify where to save the file you can choose the Desktop, Documents folder, or any other location. Via an Explorer window.

IMAP Folders. IMAP Folders. Download any IMAP folders you require. Multiple folders can be downloaded per account.

Check the type of account you have in Outlook for Mac If you have an IMAP account, messages from that account sync with the IMAP server. If you have one POP account, messages are downloaded to the On My Computer Inbox.

When using an IMAP email account, an IMAP folder list can be downloaded that displays all the folders contained in your account on the mail server. You can then select which folders that you want to subscribe to or view on your computer.

Opera Mail. In this topic: What you need to get started; Create or add an account; IMAP sent folder; Import messages or settings For example, some providers only offer a web interface, while some may only offer access to POP or IMAP for an extra fee, or if you upgrade your account. Some providers will only let you use.

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However, since POP is all about local storage, no other folders you've created on the server, on other devices, or in other apps will be visible or accessible to Postbox With this setting, however, downloading a new e-mail deletes the copy from the server so that the only remaining copy is stored on your computer, leaving it.

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